Bell and Gossett Pump Date Codes Decoded: A Guide to Reading and Understanding

Posted by Canadian Pump Shop on 10th Aug 2023

Introduction: Understanding the manufacturing date of your Bell and Gossett pump is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and ensuring optimal performance. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple yet essential process of decoding Bell and Gossett pump date codes. By mastering this system, you'll be equipped to plan maintenance, validate warranties, and make informed decisions about your pump system.

Decoding Bell and Gossett Pump Date Codes

Bell and Gossett employs a straightforward two-part code system that reveals the manufacturing date of their pumps. Let's break down the components:

  1. Month-Letter Code: The first part of the code consists of a letter that corresponds to the month of manufacture. Here's the breakdown:
    • "A" represents January
    • "B" represents February
    • "C" represents March
    • And so on...
  2. Year-Number Code: The second part of the code comprises the last two digits of the year, presented in reverse order. For instance, the year 2023 would be depicted as "32."

Examples of Deciphering Date Codes

  1. C32:
    • The letter "C" stands for March.
    • The two numbers "32" signify the year 2023 (reverse of "23").
  2. E41:
    • The letter "E" corresponds to May.
    • The two numbers "41" indicate the year 2014.

Benefits of Deciphering Date Codes

  1. Efficient Maintenance Planning: Knowing the manufacturing date helps you plan maintenance schedules effectively. Older pumps might require more frequent check-ups to ensure they're functioning optimally.
  2. Warranty Validation: Manufacturers often base warranties on manufacturing dates. Accurate date deciphering ensures you can validate warranty coverage when needed.
  3. Precise Component Compatibility: Date codes assist in identifying compatible replacement parts. Manufacturers may introduce subtle design changes over the years, and understanding the manufacturing date aids in sourcing correct components.


By mastering the art of reading Bell and Gossett pump date codes, you gain insights that contribute to the longevity and efficiency of your pump system. This guide empowers you to interpret the month-letter and reverse year-number components accurately, allowing you to plan maintenance, validate warranties, and make informed decisions about your Bell and Gossett pump. Keep your pump performing optimally by harnessing the power of date code deciphering.